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Place your baby in a side lying position in your arms. Your arm that is supporting their head will offer a gentle stretch into lateral flexion, as you slowly and gently use your other hand on their lower hip to bring their legs up vertically (upper knee toward their ear). Go slow and bouncing a little bit may help them sink into this stretch. Make sure to do this stretch on both sides.

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Sensation Education’s mission is to provide support to infants, children and their families throughout the course of a child’s development from birth to adolescence.  Jen is committed to providing each infant and child with an individualized plan to meet his or her developmental needs.  She believes that early treatment promotes optimal development and is the key to prevention of future developmental concerns. At Sensation Education, we value educating and empowering parents to help support their child's progress, growth and development.
We provide services to infants and toddlers (birth-3 years) who are experiencing difficulties with various areas of development. The team at Sensation Education is trained in Sensory Integration Therapy and they utilize this therapeutic framework for identifying and treating motor planning, balance/coordination, visual motor and self-regulation deficits.

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